6 Great Cooking Apps To Download

Cooking Apps To Download

Cooking is one of the great joys in life and is a skill that anybody can develop – though it may feel daunting to some. This is why using cooking apps is a great idea for those looking to do more cooking.

The Benefit of Using Apps When Cooking

Applications for all kinds of purposes are very common nowadays. With most people now using smartphones, apps have become popular. We spoke with one tech company – a business providing managed IT services London organizations have been using for years – about the benefit of applications.

As tech-based companies, they advocate the use of apps, because they are a highly convenient way of accessing information whenever you need it because you can carry your phone around with you at all times.

The company we spoke to said that as an IT support provider London businesses depend on, they need to ensure their staff can access information quickly and flexibly – and so this, they use mobile apps frequently.

This can easily be applied to cooking, because it is always good to have resources that you can check regularly, and having those resources on your phone can make things much easier.

If you’re interested in apps to help you with cooking, below are some great examples:

1. Amount

When you begin finding recipes that you like, you will quickly realize that recipes often use different units of measurement. Whether you prefer metric units or imperial units, this app – Amount – will help you.

The app is an intuitive way to convert units. Whether you need to convert weight measurements or volumetric measurements, this app will be able to do it for you. The interface makes it very easy to use.

2. NYT Cooking

If you’re fairly confident about trying new recipes, and want to have plenty of options to work with, the New York Times Cooking app is the perfect solution.

It is a freemium app that contains more than 17,000 different recipes – each recipe has been tested by one of the editors in the NYT cooking section. The app has a great user interface, and all recipes are illustrated with high-quality photographs.

3. Kitchen Stories

This app is excellent for beginners. New recipes are added to the platform frequently, and all recipes feature not only text and images, but videos as well – so it couldn’t be easier to follow along with a recipe. With this app, you can learn how to make things like a classic Italian lasagna, so it’s really good if you’re new to cooking and want to build up your fundamental knowledge.

4. Yummly

This app is a bit different from some of the other popular recipe apps out there. Instead, this app acts like a search engine, allowing you to search across a range of popular websites. You can filter your searches according to the type of cuisine, the cooking time, and even things like allergies.

5. The Great British Bake Off: Step by Step Better Baking

If baking is your interest, there couldn’t be a better app than the official app for everyone’s favourite baking show.

The Great British Bake Off app is designed to be a companion to beginner bakers who have been inspired by the TV show. While there are plenty of recipes on this app that are free, there are also packages of recipes that are available to purchase for 79p each.

6. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

If you love cookies and want to learn to bake them, consider the app that curates recipes from Martha Steward – who is well known for her delicious recipes.

This app contains 90 different cookie recipes, so you will have plenty of variety to choose from, as well as inspiration if ever you want to try your own recipe.

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