Sambuca Drinks You Can Make For Your Awesome Party

It’s the same old party with the same old beer and mixed drinks made of vodka, gin and rum. People ask what you’re serving at your party this time, and you ask yourself, what else? I am a party girl and so guys, heed my advice.

Girls like me dig some real sophisticated drinking that goes beyond the typical mixed drinks and beer. So why not try something not everyone has tried? Here are some Sambuca drinks mixes you can try at your parties to give it that extra something that makes it better than the rest.

Of course, you should be old enough to drink!


What Girls Really Love to Drink

Sambuca Drinks

Maybe you lack something more creative, something more amazing than beer, or a s*x on the beach, or a bl*w j*b. Yeah well, interesting names but they don’t have the same shock factor as they did eight years ago.

We all know about it now, and most of us have already and most probably, have tried it. Note that I have sort of filtered my wordings there, in case my article gets censored! Definitely not for underage drinking so please do not hold me accountable.

Who doesn’t love a good party? Some good music, hot girls and hot guys, finger foods to nibble on, and most importantly, great drinks! I am not particularly fond of beer since I don’t like the beer belly that goes after several months of regular consumption.

And honestly? Beer is so filling and leaves you feeling bloated which makes it difficult to drink a lot and get drunk fast! And guys, beer is in every single bar in town. Unless there is someone at your party that we would really want to get our hands on, beer honestly won’t be enough to make us come over. I am more of a hard drinker.

Rum and coke is perfectly fine with me if I am out of options, tequila shots if I am particularly interested in someone. Sambuca drinks? Sounds exotic enough for me!

What are Sambuca Drinks?

Sambuca Drinks

Girls love smart guys. Yeah so maybe we don’t say it all the time, but it is so much better than being stuck with a guy all night without being able to talk about anything but computer games or basketball or whatever sports he is into. Know what’s going to make you sound kind of smart? Knowing about the drink you are serving us.

When it comes to drinks we are not familiar, we want someone who can serve it to us who is quite knowledgeable and credible about it. It’s really not like we would just drink anything without knowing what it is!

So what are Sambuca drinks? It is an Italian liquor made of elderflowers and anise. Sambuca is a renowned digestive liquor. It is a high alcohol containing drink that some people would refer to it as the devil of all drinks.

It has almost 40% alcohol, depending on the brand so it puts it really high up there when it comes to the scale of high alcohol content. It is deceptively sweet, taste is very similar to liquorice but with a much smoother flavor.

Because of the sweetness, you can either drink it straight from the bottle or mix it like how I will be teaching you later. And because of its sweetness, it goes down so smoothly that a lot of people can almost forget it is liquor.

Italian and European Customs of Digestifs like Sambuca Drinks

Sambuca Drinks

You know how people all over the globe dig Italian food and Italian wines. And really, they have really fine tastes. One thing you cannot fault them for is their great tasting food and great tasting wines. Of course, Italian designer bags and shoes are also another matter altogether with the hand stitches and all that. But hey, they have really good taste.

Aside from the great food and wine, they also have a wide assortment of liquors just like the Sambuca. Italian customs are very sophisticated, especially with the more elite groups. Who wouldn’t appreciate fine tasting after dinner drinks like sambuca to help digest all those delicious food, right?

There are numerous things that Europeans appreciate, especially Italians which normally result to an overall healthy wellbeing and not to mention healthy digestion. The purpose of a digestif, as recommended by its name, is to help people process and digest heavy dinners better.

Of course, this is based on the grounds that digestifs commonly contain herbs and flavors that are accepted to have stomach-settling properties, which is where the Sambuca comes in. Great digestifs are generally intoxicated straight and are regularly spirits with very sharp flavoring such as liquor, cognac and brandy.

Some sustained wines, for example, like sherry, port, and Madeira are regularly served after supper, though they are more dessert wines more than anything else.

European Vs American Traditions of After Dinner Drinks

Sambuca Drinks

Basic in most European nations, the digestif has never truly taken off in the U.S. Somewhat this is on the grounds that restaurateurs, on edge to flip tables, frequently don’t much empower after-supper drinks with the exception of consistent benefactors, or maybe if the night is slowing down.

Also, unless burger joints have as of now been inculcated to value the class of waiting over a feast and discussion with that last impact, they are able not to need to pursue up bills pre-supper mixed drinks and wine.

There are more than a few restaurants in Europe that are more than happy to break with the standards of business and simply do right by the client. Some would even pour the digestif like Sambuca as a complimentary drink, particularly for a customary client or a substantial gathering. You don’t even really have to be at a five star restaurant just to experience this.

There are more than a few restaurants in Europe that are more than happy to break with the standards of business and simply do right by the client. Some would even pour the digestif like Sambuca as a complimentary drink, particularly for a customary client or a substantial gathering. You don’t even really have to be at a five star restaurant just to experience this.

An Idea of Sophistication

Sambuca Drinks

Recently, there have been waiters who has presented me with menus of after-supper beverages but these are at some of the more fine dining restaurants in the US which is quite unlike the tradition in Europe. Of course, you are not likely to experience it here unless you are fine dining here in the states.

Here in the US, I am not quite sure whether being offered a digestif like this is a subtle reference to me needing to watch my weight or not, since it is not a norm here. But hey, it is fine dining so definitely, more money for them.

This is so very unlike the service in Europe wherein the servers might once in a while inquire as to whether you would need a digestif or not because they are more likely to just wheel up the beverages cart or place a container on the table with a couple of glasses, with the full knowledge that it won’t just guide processing but would most likely improve a customer’s disposition especially when it comes to figuring the tip.

When you think of it this way, it’s not an awful thought when eating in for a shrewd host to keep a couple bottles around. At home, no one needs to flip the table unless your visitors have exhausted their welcome by pastry

Types of Sambuca Drinks

Sambuca drinks comes in white, black and red. Recently, blue and green Sambuca drinks have also been released and marketed by several liquor companies. There is no real difference if you are looking at original flavored ones, though like most liquors, it may come in different alcohol proof and may also come in different flavors.

White Sambuca Drinks Mix

Try this recipe for a really awesome white sambuca mixed drink.

What you will need:

Personally, I just mix everything together but if you want some really fancy white Sambuca drinks, you can also try the flaming white Lamborghini mixed drink which can make for good showmanship and will definitely get your party to a head start.

For me though, I like to mix all these ingredients together in a tall wine glass with some ice and a straw. Yummy!

Black Sambuca Drinks Mix

Just transfer everything together in a tall wine glass and add ice. Add the whip cream at the last. Simple and very easy but so delicious.

Serve it Pure!

Well, almost. You can also serve pure, original Sambuca drink in a martini glass and add three pieces of whole coffee beans inside. It should be taken in one swig then chew the coffee beans after. It is believed that drinking it this way means you are wishing someone good luck and can also encourage good luck for yourself. The three coffee beans are believed to represent good health, happiness and wealth. If you think it is non-sense, nevertheless, it is going to give you courage to say the least.

No matter what you decide, Sambuca drinks can spice up your party real time. You can’t be a high school drinker all your life. Lend some sophistication and class to your party’s alcohol and show your friends that you are now a man of the world!

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