6 Simple Ideas for a Garage Makeover to Make It Look Extraordinary


Garages and carports are common in almost all U.S. homes. In fact, as per the American Housing Survey, around 80% of U.S. homeowners have either a carport or a garage on their property. Nevertheless, most of these vehicle-shielding structures are often found messy and cluttered.

The key is to have a functional garage where you can park your vehicle, store and organize your gear and even work on certain projects repeatedly. It’s unnecessary to have a colorful and stylish space but ensure it is less cluttered and more organized to support your activities and lifestyle.

With that in mind, transform that dirty and damp storage space into a part of your home that you can enjoy with these six simple garage makeover ideas:

Improve Your Garage’s Electrical Power

Chances are your garage will have just a single electrical outlet, limiting you from using different tools in the area. To use the available space in your garage more, give it some electrical power by installing a few more electrical outlets on its walls. Consult a garage designer or electrician before starting this project to ensure you have plentiful electrical outlets in the right places.

You can even use a flat cord power strip to bring different electrical devices, like video, audio, appliances, computer systems, lighting, and power tools, nearby. These strips feature a circuit breaker interrupting electrical current during a short or overload circuit.

Loop extension cords on towel bars or wall-mounted racks to work on home projects in the garage without taking up extra space on the floor or the shelves.

Also, ensure your garage has proper lighting so the area is safer, with all trouble spots perfectly illuminated. Consider investing in motion sensor lights for added security and comfort.

Brighten It Up

Garages generally feel boring and drab because homeowners do not pay much attention to their designs. Brighten things in these neglected spaces with a fresh coat of color so your garage does not feel gloomy.


Paint motivates, so giving the garage walls a new pop of color will encourage you to complete your projects in this area. But before moving ahead, clean the garage walls and take proper advice to determine the right paint based on your garage’s situation.

To add instant cheeriness to your garage:

  • Paint its walls in bright colors or use a bold shade that invigorates.
  • Ensure installing drywall before painting if your garage walls feature unfinished, open studs.
  • Consider adding baseboard and crown molding to make your garage look less like a parking area and more like a stylish part of your home.

Upgrade the Floors

One of the easiest ways to liven up your garage is by replacing its dull gray concrete floors with modular tiles or epoxy floor coating. Of course, you may have to spend more on this project, but it’s always worth it, considering how a garage flooring makeover can transform the overall appearance of the space.

And garage flooring options are practically limitless. You can custom design the floors with any color, pattern, or texture. A finished and perfectly coated garage floor will be more attractive and safer and will motivate you to maintain an organized and clean garage.

Install a Window

A dark and dim garage is useless because you may toss in clutter there and easily forget about the same. Also, dark garages are unsafe for people who work on their cars or take up handy projects there.

To make your garage more useful, add a window that will illuminate the space and help with air circulation, making the area cleaner and healthier. Opening the garage window will let in fresh air, so you need not worry about having a smelly garage.

Install Cabinetry

Limited storage in your garage can quickly transform its floor into a dumping ground for everything from hedge clippers and shoe baskets to wheelbarrows. Several storage units may not solve this problem because it contributes to more clutter.

The dated, dingy, wall-to-wall cabinets may hamper your garage’s space and style. So, install short base cabinets and tall floor cabinets with in-built drawers on one of the garage walls. These greatly help to save floor space while keeping things organized without everything on display.


Downsizing to just one steel wall cabinet may free up floor space and beautify your garage. Choose a roll-away worktop cabinet that offers sufficient space for your projects, floating shelves between the cabinets to hold small tools, bins on walls to hold large stash, and wall hooks above the cabinets to hang small power tools and garden supplies.

You can install track storage systems with multiple attachments to hang almost anything on the garage walls.

Upgrade the Garage Door

A door upgrade is also one of the best ways to improve your garage’s interiors and exteriors. Inspect the garage door thoroughly and consider getting proper insulation if you find gaps underneath the door or on its sides. Also, check if the garage door opener is fully functional.

If the door looks old and dull, offer it fresh paint. However, if the painting may not improve its appearance, try swapping the door completely. Perhaps, you can have an electric garage door or any other style that perfectly complements your home.

The Bottom Line

As conveyed in the article, a clean and clutter-free garage is a happy space. As a result, use these six simple garage makeover ideas to transform your garage into something exclusive and extraordinary.