Camp Lejeune Veterans Affected by Parkinson’s Disease: How to Claim Compensation


Drinking contaminated water can result in a host of health issues, which can even cause death. The toxic waters at Camp Lejeune are a testimony to this fact, as it has caused havoc in the lives of veterans who resided there between 1953 and 1987. Out of several ailments that resulted from the contaminated water, veterans also developed Parkinson’s disease.

According to a new study, over 300,000 veterans revealed that there was a visible connection between the polluted waters at Camp Lejeune and an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. This research was published in JAMA Neurology and concluded that people who lived in Camp Lejeune during the contamination period had a 70% higher chance of developing Parkinson’s disease compared to others.

In this article, we will delve into the connection between Parkinson’s disease and the contaminated waters at Camp Lejeune. Additionally, we will also find out how to opt for legal compensation.

What Did Camp Lejeune Veterans Parkinson’s Disease?

In May 2023, reported that since the 1920s, TCE (Trichloroethylene) is a chemical that has been widely used as an industry solvent. The chemical has been used as a degreaser and for decaffeinating coffee. In Camp Lejeune, the most likely way people got exposed to this chemical is through dry cleaning clothes.

The dry-cleaning chemicals have been considered the reason the waters at Camp Lejeune got contaminated. Many studies found that TCE exposure increased the risk of heart disease, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and Parkinson’s disease.

The researchers from the University of California conducted a cohort study based on the population that assessed the risk for Parkinson’s disease. The study was done among 170,000 or more U.S Marine and Navy personnel who stayed at Camp Lejeune during the contamination phase for at least three months.

The researchers compared these veterans with another 170,000 who stayed at Camp Pendleton between 1953 and 1987. The researchers also searched for other types of Parkinson’s disease or any other associated prodromal neurological disorders.

Based on the findings, the Camp Lejeune veterans had a much higher chance of developing Parkinson’s disease than the ones who were stationed at Camp Pendleton. The occurrence rate for this disease in this region was 0.21%.

Researchers shared that TCE was available in almost 1,300 Superfund sites in the United States. The chemical was also prevalent on military bases, like Camp Lejeune where the levels were 280 times more than the standard safety standards.


Recent studies indicate that there wasn’t any added risk of any other neurodegenerative Parkinson’s disease. However, the veterans in Camp Lejeune had a higher chance of prodromal Parkinson’s disease diagnoses, for instance, erectile dysfunction anxiety, and tremors.

The study findings indicate that the risk of Parkinson’s was higher because of the presence of VOCs in water that was present for over four decades. Hence, veterans who have suffered from this disease can file a lawsuit and seek their Camp Lejeune Parkinson’s settlement payout. It will help them to cover their medical expenses and other losses that they have faced because of the ailment.

Seeking Legal Compensation: Seek Help from a Lawyer

You might feel since you have medical documents to prove the link between Parkinson’s disease and the toxic Camp Lejeune waters, you can opt for the legal battle by yourself. It’s best to reconsider this decision. The legal systems are complex and there have been major delays in Camp Lejeune settlements. Hence, it’s always best to seek the guidance of a lawyer and work accordingly.


TorHoerman Law states that it’s the lawyer who will determine whether you qualify to file a lawsuit or not. Once you do, they will assess your case and will use the evidence you have to build up a strong case that will ensure that the verdict is in your favor. You can submit proofs like medical documents, healthcare data, residential proof, or any other kind of testimonial that you think might help to enhance your legal case.

Additionally, your lawyer will also let you know about your probable settlement payout amount. This can vary, as it is based on the duration of your exposure and the magnitude of your suffering.

In conclusion, the contaminated waters at Camp Lejeune are responsible for several life-threatening ailments among veterans. Recent studies are linking Parkinson’s disease as one of the prominent ailments that have made the lives of veterans miserable. So, if you have faced this predicament, it is necessary to seek both medical and legal assistance.