The Rise Of Disco Era 70s Disco Makeup And Hair

disco era 70s disco makeup and hair

Disco Era 70s Disco Makeup And Hair

The rise of the Disco Era in the 70s brought about a vibrant and bold fashion revolution, with disco makeup and hair taking centre stage. It was a time of self-expression and liberation, as people embrace their individuality through their appearance. From glittery eyeshadows to voluminous hairstyles, the disco era left an indelible mark on the world of beauty.

Disco makeup was all about making a statement. Women adorned their eyes with shimmering metallic shades, often paired with dramatic eyeliner and false lashes for added impact. Bold colours like electric blue, emerald green, and deep purple were popular choices, reflecting the vivacious energy of the disco scene. Lips were also accentuated with glossy finishes in vibrant hues like hot pink or fiery red.

When it came to hair, volume was key. Afros became an iconic style during this era, representing both cultural pride and a celebration of natural beauty. Big curls and waves were also favoured among women who sought to achieve that glamorous disco look. Hair accessories such as headbands with sparkling embellishments or oversized flowers added an extra touch of flair.

The Disco Era’s influence on makeup and hair transcended its time – its impact can still be seen in modern trends today. Whether it’s bold eyeshadow palettes or voluminous hairstyles making a comeback on fashion runways, there’s no denying that the spirit of 70s disco lives on in our beauty routines. So embrace your inner diva and let your makeup and hair channel that groovy disco vibe!

Disco Fashion: The Iconic Style of the 70s

The 70s was an era known for its vibrant and flamboyant disco fashion. From flashy outfits to groovy accessories, it was a time when everyone wanted to stand out on the dance floor. Let’s take a closer look at the iconic style of the disco era.

Sequins and Glitter: One cannot talk about disco fashion without mentioning sequins and glitter. These sparkling embellishments were everywhere, adorning dresses, tops, pants, and even shoes. They reflected the colourful lights of the disco ball, creating a mesmerising effect that caught everyone’s attention.

Bell Bottoms: Another hallmark of 70s disco fashion was bell-bottom pants. These wide-legged trousers flared out from the knee down, giving dancers plenty of room to move and groove on the dance floor. Paired with platform shoes, they created an elongated silhouette that epitomises the glamorous disco look.

Bold Prints: Disco fashion embraced bold prints with open arms. Psychedelic patterns, geometric designs, and abstract motifs adorned clothing items such as shirts, skirts, and jumpsuits. These eye-catching prints added a playful touch to outfits and made sure no one went unnoticed.

Wrap Dresses: Wrap dresses were all the rage in the 70s disco scene. This flattering style featured a V-neckline that accentuated curves while providing comfort for hours of dancing. With their flowing fabrics and vibrant colours, wrap dresses became a staple choice for female party-goers looking to make a statement.

Afros and Shag Hairstyles: When it came to hair trends in the 70s disco era, bigger was definitely better! Afros were incredibly popular among both men and women during this time period. Natural curls were embraced and styled into voluminous statement hairstyles that perfectly complemented the energetic atmosphere of discos.

Disco Makeup: Disco makeup was all about boldness and experimentation. Women embraced vibrant eyeshadow colours like electric blue, hot pink, and shimmering gold. Dramatic eyelashes and heavily defined brows were also key elements of disco makeup looks. Lips were often adorned with glossy or metallic lipsticks in shades of red, coral, or plum.

The 70s disco era brought a wave of fashion trends that continue to inspire us today. From the glitz and glam of sequins to the freedom of bell-bottoms, this iconic style captured the spirit of an unforgettable time in music history. So put on your dancing shoes and embrace the disco fashion revival!